• How to cycle a fish tank
    Saltwater Aquarium

    How to Cycle a Fish Tank

    TweetWhats up Sal-Nation? Jeff here with another article on: How to Cycle a Fish Tank. This subject is probably one of the most frequently asked questions amongst new hobbyist. So Today I decided to break it [...]
  • LPS Corals

    Top 10 LPS Corals

    TweetWhat’s going on Salt Nation?! Jeff Hesketh Here and today I wanted to give you the Top 10 LPS corals available on the market today. Before we get into that I wanted to tell you [...]
  • Old Tank Syndrome
    Aquarium Husbandry

    How to Beat Old Tank Syndrome

    TweetWhats’s going on Salt-Nation, Jeff Hesketh here… and Today I want to write an article taking on the subject of Old Tank Syndrome. So here we are, Your saltwater aquarium has been up and running [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    Top 7 Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channels

    TweetWhat’s up Salt-Nation? Jeff Hesketh here with another salty article for your wet thumbs. Today, We’re talking about the Top 7 Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channels. About 7 years ago I started sharing my love of [...]
  • Aquarium DIY Projects

    How to Build an Aquarium Stand

    TweetHey folks, Jeff Hesketh here with yet another salty article for people looking to save alittle money and still have a beautiful Saltwater Aquarium. Today we are talking about how to build an aquarium stand. [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    Top 10 Most Common Live Rock Hitchhikers

    TweetWhat’s up Salt-Nation? Jeff here, and lets jump right into it today with an article on the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with live rock hitchhikers. If you have ever set up [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    The Benefits of Bio Pellets

    TweetWhat’s going on Salt-Nation? Jeff Hesketh here and I recently got to take a look at a bio pellets reactor for my Test Lab series. I’ve never consider using one before but after doing some [...]
  • Aquarium Setup

    8 Steps to Setting up a Saltwater Aquarium

    TweetHey folks, Jeff Hesketh here with yet another salty article for people looking to get into the saltwater aquarium hobby. Today we are talking about setting up a saltwater aquarium and the steps needed to [...]
  • My Aquarium Box
    Saltwater Aquarium

    My Aquarium Box Review

    TweetHey salt nation, Jeff Hesketh back with another article for your wet thumbs. I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a product review page on MHR’s. I figured, why not start with My Aquarium [...]
Emerald crab | Clean up crew

The Clean Up Crew for Saltwater Tanks

Aquarium Maintenance

TweetWhat is a clean up crew? A clean up crew is a group of invertebrates that are kept in a saltwater aquarium for the sole propose of consuming algae, detritus and uneaten fish foods. This […]

saltwater aquarium for beginners

Saltwater Aquarium For Beginners

Saltwater Aquarium

TweetSaltwater Aquarium for Beginners. Jeff Hesketh here, and I decided to hop onto the blog today to talk about saltwater aquarium for beginners. One of the most commonly asked questions I get from people who are […]

How to Mix Saltwater

How to Mix Saltwater

Saltwater Aquarium

TweetHow to Mix Saltwater for the Aquarium. Mixing saltwater as a beginner in the saltwater aquarium hobby, can be frustrating. It took me the better part of my first year to get it down, and […]

Zoanthids Care

Zoanthids Care


TweetHey Saltlydogs, Jeff Hesketh here, Today I wanted to write an article about zoanthids care. Zoathids are beautiful soft corals that are often the first coral new hobbyist buy, to bring home to their saltwater […]

Live Rock

Live Rock and Saltwater Aquariums

Saltwater Aquarium

TweetWhat Is Live Rock? Live rock, is rock harvested from the Ocean for the use in saltwater aquariums. The term live rock can be a little misleading, it’s not suggesting that the rock itself is alive […]

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Culturing phytoplankton
Live Foods

Culturing Phytoplankton

TweetWhat is Phytoplankton? Phytoplankton is a microscopic, free floating Plant cell that makes up the base of the Food Web. Their cells can not be seen with the naked eye but in areas of high […]

20 ways to Improve Aquarium Husbandry
Aquarium Husbandry

20 ways to Improve Aquarium Husbandry

TweetWhat is Aquarium Husbandry? The first time I heard the term aquarium husbandry I was at a bit of a loss, even with my back ground in environmental science. I never conceded using that term […]

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