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  • Live Foods

    Top 10 Fish Food for Your Reef Tank

    TweetWhat’s going on salt nation? I was thinking about my next top 10 video I wanted to for you guys and I had a thought. What about a top ten fish food for your reef [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    World Wide Corals Unboxing and Review

    TweetWhat’s going on guys!? I hope your tank is doing well and your parameters are in check. Speaking of parameter when was the last time you tested them? I recently jumped on eBay in hopes [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    Top Ten Tangs & Surgeon Fish

    TweetHey folks! Last week I asked my YouTube subscribers what they wanted to see for a video. I gave them a few video ideas that I had been kicking around. With 41% of the vote, [...]
  • Corals

    Jason Fox Jack O Lantern

    TweetHey Eveyone! Jeff here, with other article for your salty thumbs. Today, I wanted to talk about Leptoseris more specifically The Jason Fox Jack O Lantern. The JF Jack O Lantern is probably one of my favorite [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    Top 10 Species Beginners Should Avoid

    TweetToday, we have a guest post from Mason about the Top 10 Species Beginners Should Avoid. Keeping marine life can be challenging and the list provided below is full of critters you should think twice [...]
  • Aquarium Maintenance

    How to get rid of Detritus in a Reef Tank

    TweetWhat’s salty folks!? Jeff here, with another article to help you with maintaining a successful reef tank. Today, I to talk about detritus and it’s role in a reef tank. More specifically “How to get [...]
  • Nano Reef

    Top 10 Nano Reef Tank Fish

    TweetWhat’s going on SaltNation! Jeff here, with another salty article for your wet thumbs. Today, I want to take a look at the best saltwater fish for a nano reef tank. A few weeks ago [...]
  • Corals

    Saving Coral | The ADE Project

    TweetHey Reefers! Today, I wanted to talk about The ADE Project and the short film Saving Coral. When I was at MACNA this year I made sure to sit in on Walt Smith’s talk. During [...]
  • Corals

    The WWC Snowdrop Acropora

    TweetFor those of you that follow me on YouTube,  you’re aware of my recent coral haul videos I’ve done. The idea behind these videos is to help share my expirience of buying coral online and [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    The Aquatic Life Hybrid T5HO Hybrid Lighting

    TweetWhat’s going on Reef keepers? Jeff here, with another article to dry your thumbs on. Lighting play a very important role in maintaining a successful reef tank. For years experts have claimed T5 lighting was [...]

How to DIY Aquarium Plumbing


TweetIn this video, I take a look at how I did the plumbing on my 220 saltwater aquarium. We cover everything you need to help you plumb your aquarium at home. Also share some tips […]

Reduce Nitrates

How to Reduce Nitrates in a Reef Tank

Saltwater Aquarium

TweetWhat going on Salt Nation? Jeff Here with another article to help you become more successful in the saltwater aquarium hobby. I recently posted a video on YouTube about reducing nitrates in a reef tank. […]

How To Get Rid of Cyanobacteria (Red Slime Algae)

Saltwater Aquarium

TweetHow to Battle Cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria is reddish-brown in color and first appears in an aquarium in small clumps or patches. If not treated, the algae will spread and form a thick ayer across your aquarium. Once […]

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System

Aquarium Husbandry

TweetReverse Osmosis Systems In my opinion all saltwater aquarium hobbyist should use reverse osmosis systems for topping off evaporation and mixing artificial seawater, for aquarium water changes. A reverse osmosis system may sound complex, but it’s really a simple form […]

Old Tank Syndrome

How to Beat Old Tank Syndrome

Aquarium Husbandry

TweetWhats’s going on Salt-Nation, Jeff Hesketh here… and Today I want to write an article taking on the subject of Old Tank Syndrome. So here we are, Your saltwater aquarium has been up and running […]

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Culturing phytoplankton
Live Foods

Culturing Phytoplankton

TweetWhat is Phytoplankton? Phytoplankton is a microscopic, free floating Plant cell that makes up the base of the Food Web. Their cells can not be seen with the naked eye but in areas of high […]

20 ways to Improve Aquarium Husbandry
Aquarium Husbandry

20 ways to Improve Aquarium Husbandry

TweetWhat is Aquarium Husbandry? The first time I heard the term aquarium husbandry I was at a bit of a loss, even with my back ground in environmental science. I never conceded using that term […]

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