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  • Aquarium Husbandry

    AOI Zoanthids

    TweetHey folks, I hope everything is going well for you and your salty venture. I was recently on eBay checking out some auctions and I came across the WWC AOI zoanthids. I was immediately interested in [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    How to Fix High Calcium and Low Alkalinity

    TweetThere comes a time in any reef keepers life where the battle for maintaining Calcium and Alkalinity can be a struggle. There are not many parameters that I chase but CAL and ALK are two [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    Walt Smith’s Bula Buddies

    TweetWalt Smith’s Children’s Book: Bula Buddies Just before MACNA Deb Smith reach out to me about an upcoming project from her husband Walt. It was a children’s book geared towards educating kids about the wild reefs. [...]
  • Aquarium DIY Projects

    DIY Fish Tank Lid Project

    TweetHey Folks, One of the worst things that can happen in the aquarium hobby is losing a fish. More specifically due to a fish jumping out of your tank. Today, I have a very simple DIY [...]
  • Live Foods

    Top 10 Fish Food for Your Reef Tank

    TweetWhat’s going on salt nation? I was thinking about my next top 10 video I wanted to for you guys and I had a thought. What about a top ten fish food for your reef [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    World Wide Corals Unboxing and Review

    TweetWhat’s going on guys!? I hope your tank is doing well and your parameters are in check. Speaking of parameter when was the last time you tested them? I recently jumped on eBay in hopes [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    Top Ten Tangs & Surgeon Fish

    TweetHey folks! Last week I asked my YouTube subscribers what they wanted to see for a video. I gave them a few video ideas that I had been kicking around. With 41% of the vote, [...]
  • Corals

    Jason Fox Jack O Lantern

    TweetHey Eveyone! Jeff here, with other article for your salty thumbs. Today, I wanted to talk about Leptoseris more specifically The Jason Fox Jack O Lantern. The JF Jack O Lantern is probably one of my favorite [...]
  • Saltwater Aquarium

    Top 10 Species Beginners Should Avoid

    TweetToday, we have a guest post from Mason about the Top 10 Species Beginners Should Avoid. Keeping marine life can be challenging and the list provided below is full of critters you should think twice [...]
  • Aquarium Maintenance

    How to get rid of Detritus in a Reef Tank

    TweetWhat’s salty folks!? Jeff here, with another article to help you with maintaining a successful reef tank. Today, I to talk about detritus and it’s role in a reef tank. More specifically “How to get [...]
Captive Bred Saltwater Fish

5 Reasons To Buy Tank Raised Fish

Saltwater Aquarium Fish

TweetThe sole propose of captive fish breeding is to provide fish for the aquarium trade. On the freshwater side of the hobby most of the fish you see at the local fish store are tank […]

MHR’s Guide to Fishless Cycling

Aquarium Setup

TweetWhat is Fishless Cycling? Fishless cycling is the term used to describe the process of growing nitrifying bacteria in your aquarium without fish. This is done by adding a source of ammonia to jump start […]

My Aquascape | 220 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium


TweetIn this video, I show how to aquascape a saltwater aquarium. This video demonstrates how to effectively aquascape an aquarium. Be sure to Subscribe and come back for more aquarium videos. My Newsletter. I would […]

My Most Expensive Aquarium Mistake


TweetIn this video, We take a look at my most expensive mistake I’ve made in the saltwater aquarium hobby, involving my 220 gallon saltwater aquarium. This video covers my most expensive aquarium mistake. We take […]

Saltwater Aquarium

Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance

TweetAquarium Maintenance in a Nutshell. When it comes to aquarium maintenance its hard to generalize information so that is useful for everyone because no two aquariums are the same. If you were to set up […]

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Culturing phytoplankton
Live Foods

Culturing Phytoplankton

TweetWhat is Phytoplankton? Phytoplankton is a microscopic, free floating Plant cell that makes up the base of the Food Web. Their cells can not be seen with the naked eye but in areas of high […]

20 ways to Improve Aquarium Husbandry
Aquarium Husbandry

20 ways to Improve Aquarium Husbandry

TweetWhat is Aquarium Husbandry? The first time I heard the term aquarium husbandry I was at a bit of a loss, even with my back ground in environmental science. I never conceded using that term […]

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