Mad hatter’s Reef was created by myself (Jeff Hesketh) as a means to share my love of saltwater aquariums and to educate others interested getting started with the hobby. I have been keeping aquariums since I was a boy and made the jump to saltwater over 8 years ago. I have over 1,000 gallons of saltwater aquarium systems under my care. The goal of Mad hatter’s reef is to provide current, useful information about setting up and maintaining saltwater aquariums in an on-demand video format.

Mad hatter’s Reef is committed to delivering the most reliable, accurate saltwater aquarium keeping information possible, for people looking to get started with their own saltwater aquarium. Saltwater fish, Invertebrates and corals we got something for you. We hope that you’ll find all the information that you need and share your success with others.

The MHR Team looks forward to sharing our saltwater aquariums, projects and stories with you!

Photo on 2012-01-03 at 17.33 #2
Jeff Hesketh with his daughter

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  1. Hello Jeff,
    I wanted to say a quick hello and commend you on such a great site. I will definitely be an avid visitor and a reader going forward. Please reach out to me if you ever need any samples for personal use, contest, raffle prizes, etc.

    Geliah Lemon
    San Francisco Bay Brand & Ocean Nutrition

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