Saltwater Aquarium

MY Trip to MACNA 2017

What’s going on SaltNation?  I had the pleasure of going to MACNA this year and I wanted to take you along for the ride. The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) is the oldest […]

Fish Profile

The Tomato Clownfish

The Tomato Clownfish is a pretty reddish orange colored fish with white circles on its head. It is usually found in warm sea waters of Pacific and Indian ocean. It is a readily available species […]

Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas
Saltwater Aquarium

Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for Father’s Day Gift ideas? Does your Dad love saltwater aquariums? If so, you’ve come to right place. Buying a gift for Dad can be difficult and to make it easier on you, we’ve […]


My Aquarium has a Leak!

In today’s video we are going to be taking a look at my nano reef aquarium and the reason being it has a leak! I will cover my quick fix for the leaking aquarium and I […]


How to Cure Ich

In today’s video we have a beginner’s guide on how to cure and get rid of Ick/Ich in saltwater aquariums. Saltwater Ich is a fully ciliated protozoan that is present in all saltwater environments. This common protozoan infects the […]

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