Blue Tang (Paracanthurus Hepatic)

Blue Hippo Tang
Blue Tang
(Paracanthurus Hepatus)


Blue Tang is a thin bodied fish, with pointed nose, quite popular and common among aquarium enthusiasts. It is a strong swimmer and loves to play hide and seek among the reefs. It has other popular names like royal blue tang, hippo tang, & regal blue tang etc.

General Profile

Biological Name

Paracanthurus Hepatus


Reefs in the Indo-Pacific Ocean

Other Locations

Reefs of East Africa


Royal Blue with black curls at upper body and yellow shades in tail

Body Shape

Thin oval shaped body with a pointed nose



Sexual Maturity Age

1 year

Conservation Status

Least Concern

Social Behavior

Likes to be in groups. However can become territorial against other specimens of same species.

Aquarium Level Profile

Aquarium Care Index

Medium. To be kept by experienced enthusiasts.

General size in Aquarium

Up to 12 inches

General Life in Aquarium

5 years

Desired Water Temperature

72 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Desired Water PH levels

8.1 to 8.4

Desired Specific Gravity

1.020 to 1.025

Water Requirement

Minimum 180 Gallons for one specimen and additional 20 gallons per specimen.


Omnivorous. Feed on Plankton, algae and dried seaweed

Specific Disease

Prone to parasitic infections and lateral line disease. Start appropriate treatment in a quarantine tank as soon as a disease is diagnosed.

Aquarium Care Basics

Blue Tang should be kept by experienced aquarium enthusiasts. It is a beautiful salt water fish which is primarily of blue color with black and yellow curls. It is a native of reefs in Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. An aquarium environment similar to their abode in these places is desired to keep them.

Introduce the Blue Tang in aquarium with minimum 4 hours of acclimatization. If acclimatized properly, Blue Hippo Tang can decorate your aquarium for several years.

A full nitrogen cycle is must for introducing this fish in your tank. The aquarium should have healthy lighting and aquarium plants to keep the nitrogen cycle in control. Blue Hippo Tang need lots of oxygen, therefore the aquarium should have more than one water filters, and air stones, which can double up as water circulators.

If introducing more than one specimen, ensure all are same size and introduced at same time.

Blue Tang is a good swimmer and therefore needs lots of water. They should be kept in at-least 180 gallons of water in a community of other species. Blue Hippo Tang loves to hide inside the reef and will play hide and seek at times.

Aquarium must have live rock and aquatic plants, in order to provide natural home environment of reefs. Live rock also becomes the rearing ground for algae which forms an important part of their diet.

Be careful when handling this fish as their fins can get entangled in nets.

Interesting Facts

BlueTang is poisonous for humans if consumed

It featured in one of the hit animation film – Finding Nemo, Finding Dory.

It is also used as a bait fish due to its strong flesh odor.

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