Borneman Surge Device

How to build a Borneman surge device

Borneman surge device

The first time I heard of the Borneman surge device I was about 2 hours into a YouTube induced saltwater aquarium video binge, a few years ago. Now, I’m not so sure if I just wasn’t interested or it didn’t click at the time but I wasn’t all that impressed.

Looking back now I was more interested in the latest/greatest pump not so much for toilet plumbing in a bucket. As I have developed as a hobbyist I way of thinking has changed more to saving money within my hobby more so than having the latest pump.

As most of you that follow me on youtube (Channel: Mad Hatter’s Reef) know that I’m a DIY guy and I felt it was time to take a look at this surge device and I gotta tell you I was surprised as to how quick and easy it was to build as well as how much water it moves. Below you will find my FREE step by step guide to building your own borneman surge device at home.

Get your FREE DIY Borneman surge device guide here:

Borneman Surge Device Guide (PDF File)

Bornean surge device at work

What I like best about this surge device is that they mimic the natural surge of the ocean. This gives it a step above most powerheads because they just give a constant, never changing flow. Not to mention that it cost only about 15.00 dollars to make one of these things, It could be even less if you have a salt bucket and some piping lying around the house. which if your in the saltwater aquarium hobby there is a good chance you do.

Here is my video on my Borneman surge device:

I’m going to be looking into a few other surge devices and comparing them to see which one works the best. I will be sure to post any conclusions that I come up with on here so be sure to come back .

When it’s all said and done building a Borneman surge device can save you a lot of money in the water movement department and every dollar save is….. a dollar you can spend on more fish, corals and invertebrates because thats why we got into this hobby to begin with.

Save a reef… grow your own.

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