How to Build a Quarantine Tank System

Whats going on Salt Nation, Jeff Here with another article for your salty thumbs. Today, I wanted to share a recent project I worked on. The idea behind this DIY project was to quarantine a lot of marine fish at one time. This project is going to serve as a quarantine tank system for now and down the road will be converted into a  clownfish breeding system.

I recently had a interview with the Perez brothers of Aqualogy on clownfish breeding. So if you’re interested follow the link. To date it’s the most downloaded podcast on Saltwater Aquarium Radio.

So the idea for this system was simple, I needed to quarantine multiple fish at one time. I decided to drill a few 10 gallon aquarium and plumb them together so they could all be medicated at the same time. The initial design included five 10 gallon aquarium to be plumbed together with stand pipes draining into a 33 gallon long then returning back to the 10 gallon tanks.

Benefits of Quarantining your fish:

  • Less likely to infect your display aquarium fish with disease or parasites.
  • Reduce the chance of ich and other parasitic infections.
  • Allows the fish to recover from shipment.
  • Saves you money (in the long run).

I had a lot of little DIY videos that lead to the Quarantine tank system build and was all shared on my YouTube Channel. I’m looking forward to sharing this process on YouTube so be sure to subscribe when you visit my channel.

Quarantine Tank System Video

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The Importance of Quarantine Tank System

One of the biggest missing pieces for many hobbyist when it comes to the saltwater aquarium hobby, is the utilization of a quarantine tank.  It will save you a lot money and heartbreak in the long run. All it takes is for one infected fish to go into your saltwater aquarium to have an irreversible affect on you and your aquarium. I have a great article on how to setup a quarantine tank and I encourage you to take a look at it.

Its our responsibility as hobbyist to provide our fish with a safe environment.

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