Aquarium DIY Projects

DIY Fish Tank Lid Project

Hey Folks, One of the worst things that can happen in the aquarium hobby is losing a fish. More specifically due to a fish jumping out of your tank. Today, I have a very simple DIY […]

Aquarium DIY Projects

How to Build an Aquarium Stand

Hey folks, Jeff Hesketh here with yet another salty article for people looking to save alittle money and still have a beautiful Saltwater Aquarium. Today we are talking about how to build an aquarium stand. […]

Borneman surge device
Aquarium DIY Projects

Borneman Surge Device

The first time I heard of the Borneman surge device I was about 2 hours into a YouTube induced saltwater aquarium video binge, a few years ago. Now, I’m not so sure if I just […]

Stockman Standpipe
Aquarium DIY Projects

The Stockman Standpipe

Stockman Standpipe. A Stockman Standpipe is a simple device that can be made to aid in silencing a loud gurgling aquarium overflow. If you are not familiar with a stockman stand pipe it act the […]