Saltwater Aquarium

Top 4 Types of Aquarium Heaters

What’s happening Salt-Nation! Jeff Here with another article for your salty thumbs. I recently received an email from a MHR follower, by the name of Hank. The email is as follows. Hi Jeff, Thanks for […]

Saltwater Aquarium

Win Free Fish and Fish Food

What’s going on Reefketeers? Jeff Hesketh, here. The saltwater aquarium hobby can be expensive at times, but every once in a while companies come along offer some great contests that can help wallet. The guys over […]

How to cycle a fish tank
Saltwater Aquarium

How to Cycle a Fish Tank

Whats up Sal-Nation? Jeff here with another article on: How to Cycle a Fish Tank. This subject is probably one of the most frequently asked questions amongst new hobbyist. So Today I decided to break it […]

LPS Corals

Top 10 LPS Corals

What’s going on Salt Nation?! Jeff Hesketh Here and today I wanted to give you the Top 10 LPS corals available on the market today. Before we get into that I wanted to tell you […]

Old Tank Syndrome
Aquarium Husbandry

How to Beat Old Tank Syndrome

Whats’s going on Salt-Nation, Jeff Hesketh here… and Today I want to write an article taking on the subject of Old Tank Syndrome. So here we are, Your saltwater aquarium has been up and running […]

Aquarium DIY Projects

How to Build an Aquarium Stand

Hey folks, Jeff Hesketh here with yet another salty article for people looking to save alittle money and still have a beautiful Saltwater Aquarium. Today we are talking about how to build an aquarium stand. […]

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