Coral Propagation

The benefits of coral fragging

Coral propagation

What is coral propagation?

Coral propagation (also known as coral fragging) is simply the act of cutting a coral into fragments. The if given the proper conditions and time, the fragmented coral will regrow into another colony. This form of aquaculture has become very popular and is gaining speed with many hobbyist. Some hobbyist have gone as far as setting special coral frag tanks that are specifically designed to grow out coral frags.

Many hobbyist learn how to propagate to keep corals form over running their saltwater aquarium in the same way a gardener would cut back a flower bed. Some hobbyist frag corals to trade with others, or even to sell helping offset the cost of maintaining a saltwater aquarium.

The benefits of coral propagation for the hobby.

As this Hobby has grown, local governments have started step in and shut down the collection of marine life, from their natural reefs. Moving forward, we need to look to coral fragging and the aquaculture of marine life to find a level of self sustainability. From a hobbyist standpoint, coral fragging has many benefits.

  • Propagated corals have already adjusted to aquarium life and are more hardy.
  • Fragmented corals have better survival rates during shipping than large         coral colonies.
  • Coral fragging helps relieve collection from the already stressed wild reefs.
  • In most cases, buying propagated corals supports small business.
  • Frag swaps, with other hobbyist is a great way to meet with alike minds and score new corals for your saltwater aquarium.
  • An aquaculture facility creates local jobs.

The benefits of coral propagation for the wild reefs.

Only two out of five corals collected from the wild will actually live long enough to make it to the Local Reef Shop and that is just making it to the Reef Shop. When a coral is propagated it is already adjusted to life in a saltwater aquarium and has a far better change of survival (not to mention a much shorter Trip). Without over collection on the plate, wild reefs are over stressed from temperature change, sedimentation and pollution.

  • Every coral fragged saves 10 wild corals from dying, due to the stress of shipment.
  • In most cases, aquaculture facilities are local business and use far less fossil fuels then having wild corals shipped half way around world.
  • Shipped propagated corals have a 85% survival rate.
  • Shipped wild corals have a 15% survival rate.

Coral propagation video.

In the end, coral propagation is a win win for everyone involved with the saltwater aquarium hobby. By supporting coral propagation we will be help preserve the environment and strengthening our communities.

For more information on coral propagation read this article.

Save a reef  …grow your own.



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