How to Cure Ich

In today’s video we have a beginner’s guide on how to cure and get rid of Ick/Ich in saltwater aquariums. Saltwater Ich is a fully ciliated protozoan that is present in all saltwater environments.

This common protozoan infects the skin and gills of marine fish. It’s ability to infect depends on the immune health of the fish, it can cause symptoms as mild as just a few small white spots to more severe symptoms including severe irritation, loss of appetite, lethargy, severe respiratory distress, and even death.

How to Cure Ich

In my opinion, copper treatments are the best way to cure ich and the best way to prevent ich from entering your display aquarium is the use of a quarantine tank.  Above I’ve provide some products that I have used over the years to help treat  and prevent ich from infecting my fish. These two teamed together is a great way to keep your fish safe.

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