How to Cycle a Fish Tank

How to cycle a fish tank

Whats up Sal-Nation? Jeff here with another article on: How to Cycle a Fish Tank. This subject is probably one of the most frequently asked questions amongst new hobbyist. So Today I decided to break it down a little better for you.

When Someone is talking about How to cycle a fish tank or cycling an aquarium, they are talking about the Nitrogen Cycle. The nitrogen cycle is a natural process of bacteria consuming toxic elements from dissolved organic waste and converting them to a less-toxic element (as long as it keep at low levels).

Fish excrete ammonia through their gills, and urinate and defecate in their water. Waste in the aquarium produces ammonia as it decays. Nitrifying bacteria begins to grow and converts ammonia to nitrite, Then a different nitrifying bacteria begins to grow and converts nitrite to nitrate. This is what’s known as the nitrogen cycle.

How to Cycle a Fish Tank

Below is a great video on 5 ways you can cycle and aquarium. I also share how I went about cycling my own 220 gallon saltwater aquarium cycled and the results of that method.

How to Cycle a Fish Tank Results

I’m still amazed at what a great product Dr. Tim’s Aquatics One and Only really is. I was impressed with my nano reef cycling in 5 days but that’s only 5 gallons of water. My 220 display is almost a total of 300 gallons and it was completely cycled in 7 days. That’s it. Fish ready in 7 days. This is the third time I’ve used fishless cycling with great results.

Now if you want to give Dr. Tim’s Aquatics One and Only a shot follow the link. Click here to visit DrTim’s Aquatics, LLC

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