My Aquarium Box Review

My Aquarium Box

Hey salt nation, Jeff Hesketh back with another article for your wet thumbs. I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a product review page on MHR’s. I figured, why not start with My Aquarium Box. It seems like there is a subscription box service for everything these days and now we have one for the aquarium hobby as well.

My Aquarium Box is a monthly subscription service where you get a box filled with aquarium gear, decoration, food, and medications or supplements. I’ve been a subscriber for around 6 months now and I do enjoy their service.

My Aquarium Box recently rolled out a new contest and I have all the details available here.

What to Except From My Aquarium Box

My Aquarium Box Review

There are two box subscriptions to choose from, the first is a freshwater aquarium box and the other is the saltwater aquarium box. To date I’ve only looked into the saltwater aquarium box does offer a good verity of products month to month. I just received this month’s box which is featured in the video below.

Here’s a breakdown of this past July’s box:

  • Inmotion Aquatics | Premium moving bed bio-filter media $9.99
  • Kent Marine | Pro Scraper $14.99
  • Ken’s Fish | Large Krill Pellets 2oz $4.99
  • Fluvial Sea | Iodine 8oz $8.99
  • Marina | Assorted air stones $2.99
  • Lee’s | Air Tubing $2.99

Total Box Value: $44.94

To sign up for my aquarium box follow the link.

How Much Does My Aquarium Box Cost?

The freshwater aquarium subscription box which is geared more towards planted and cichlid aquariums is going to cost you $24.99 a month. That includes shipping and handling and there are no hidden fees.

The saltwater aquarium subscription box does cost more at the price of $29.99 a month. Much like it’s freshwater counterpart, that includes shipping and handling.

My Aquarium Box Unboxing

Here is a video on what to except with your own My Aquarium Box. What I like about MAB the  most is you never know what your going to get but nine times out of ten you know your going to get something useful or something you my have never tried, but works out incredibly well for your and your aquarium.

My Aquarium Box Contest: The Mega Box

They also offer The Mega Box, which is a contest for subscribers to share their unboxing on YouTube. The contest is sponsored by Marineland and the winners get some awesome Marineland swag.

All you need to do to enter is subscribe to MAB film an unboxing video showing what you got with your followers, and post it to YouTube with the hashtag #MyAquariumBox in the title. Then the guys over at MAB score the videos and select a winner.

I have had the luck of being selected for the Mega box winner and check out what I won in the video below:

Final Thoughts on My Aquarium Box

I’ve enjoyed my subscription to MAB over the last six months. One of the biggest benefits of this service is the exposure to new aquarium products that you may have not giving a second thought to. I have gotten some product that I have wanted to try for years but I’ve also gotten some products that I will not use.

Finally, I would recommend this product to anyone will to experiment with their aquariums and has the money to spare. I have had months that had awesome boxes and others that were so-so. Just keep in mind life is like a My Aquarium Box you never know what you’re going to get.

If your interested in more reviews like this one check out MHR’s Test Lab series.

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