Saltwater Aquarium For Beginners

saltwater aquarium for beginners

Saltwater Aquarium for Beginners.

Saltwater aquarium

Jeff Hesketh here, and I decided to hop onto the blog today to talk about saltwater aquarium for beginners.

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from people who are interested in starting a saltwater aquarium is “Where do I start?” Right up there with this question comes a similar one, “What does it take to maintain a saltwater aquarium?

I wanted to try and tackle both of these questions right here in a single post to show you that starting a saltwater aquarium is not a big, hairy monster to scare you, take all your money and leave you penniless with nothing to show for it. I have helped hundreds of new hobbyist setup and maintain saltwater aquariums over the years and I want you to be successful with starting your own saltwater aquarium.

The key to success for saltwater aquariums is providing proper water quality. Keeping saltwater aquarium parameters in range is crucial to the overall health and well-being of your fish, coral and invertebrates. Most saltwater inhabitants can not tolerate even small fluctuations in the aquarium’s water parameters. The key to starting and maintaining a saltwater aquarium is stability.

Saltwater Aquarium Info on the Go.

Before we get started with saltwater aquarium for beginners, I want to take a second to invite you to my saltwater aquarium podcast where every week I interview leaders in the saltwater aquarium hobby to learn what it takes to achieve success with your own salty venture.

Plan Your Saltwater Aquarium.

Making a plan for your saltwater aquarium setup is the best place to start before you buy anything. Your saltwater aquarium plan should be based on what you want to keep for livestock (fish, Invertebrates and Coral). It’s important to choose your livestock first because their requirements will dictate the type of system and environment, you will need. This will also point you in the direction of what size aquarium you will need as well as equipment. The key to success for saltwater aquarium for beginners is having a plan based on what you want and sticking to it.

Saltwater Aquarium System Types.

There are three defined types of saltwater aquariums, that you my choose from. Each of them have their benefits and drawbacks, that should be considered before you decided which one is suitable for you. If you are looking to get into the saltwater aquarium hobby, take a monument to learn the basics about these saltwater aquarium setups and find which one suits you best.

The three types of saltwater aquarium setups:

Find a local Fish Store.

Finding the the best fish store for getting started with your own saltwater aquarium can be a challenge. What you need to consider is where you choose to buy your livestock, equipment and find helpful advice will have a huge effect on your success as a saltwater aquarium hobbyist. Going to the right store is as important as any decision you will make when starting a saltwater aquarium.

I once had a local fish store that did not operate with the customers best interest but out of pure greed. One day I walked in an he had a lot of new fish. Upon inspection I noticed most if not all had ich (a parasite that kills fish) mixed in with other fish for sale. Someone with a large aquarium shut it down most likely due to the fact that his fish were sick and the owner of the shop saw free fish to sell to the public. Needless to say I never went back to that store and within a year it was shut down for good.

Saltwater Aquarium Cost.

There is a lot of preconceived ideas as to how much a saltwater aquarium cost but just like most things in life when it comes down to it, it cost as much as you want it to.  I wrote an article about saltwater aquarium cost due mostly to another article that I found filling the subject matter with rubbish and false statements.

Truth be told, saltwater aquariums do cost more than there freshwater counterparts but not nearly as much as some would have you believe. Buying second hand equipment and tank raised fish and corals can save you a lot of money.

Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

When it comes to aquarium maintenance its hard to generalize information so that is useful for everyone because no two aquariums are the same. If you were to set up two aquariums with the same materials at the same time and both of them could have completely different results as well as maintenance needs. The Information you will find here is a generalization of maintenance for the common saltwater aquarium.

A clean up crew is a group of invertebrates that are kept in a saltwater aquarium for the sole propose of consuming algae, detritus and uneaten fish foods. This is why they have been given the name clean up crew. Verity is key when it comes to a clean up crew different invertebrates consume different materials. They are also a great way to add to the bio diversity of the saltwater aquarium as well as say up on aquarium maintenance.


The subject of saltwater aquarium for beginners is a large one. I encourage you to do your research before you get started so you have an idea of what you want to you can get the best results. Once you have a basic idea of what type of saltwater aquarium  and livestock you want, that will give you an idea to what equipment you need. Making a Plan for your saltwater aquarium setup shouldn’t become a chore but help you make a better informed decision for your situation. This will help you be vary successful with starting and maintaining a saltwater aquarium.

For more information on saltwater aquarium for beginners visit my Start Here page.

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I Appreciate You!

I just wanted to wrap things up by saying that I’m here for you. I want you to succeed as you begin with your saltwater aquarium efforts. Feel free to contact me. I will do my best to respond to your emails and answer any questions you my have about getting started with  your saltwater aquarium.

Thank you so much for your support and I would love for you to drop me a line on my Facebook Page. I look forward to meeting you.

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