Saltwater Aquarium on a Budget

5 salty money saving tips

Saltwater aquarium tips

Just like most things in the world today, you can put as much money you want into setting up a saltwater aquarium. For most of us this is unrealistic and you will be more than likely starting out on a budget. Saltwater aquariums do run a higher cost than a freshwater aquarium but thats because a saltwater aquarium are more complex in design and require a little more equipment and maintenance. The overall cost of your system will depend on your desires of livestock, aquarium size, equipment and so on.

Here are a few tips for reefing on a budget:

Tip #1: Buy used equipment. Buying used saltwater aquarium equipment can save you more money than switching to Geico. In all honesty being frugal about the equipment you buy for you aquarium will save you alot of money. A few good places to look for great deals on used equipment in your local reef shops and on

Tip# 2: Do it yourself projects. DIY aquarium projects is a great way to save money and make your saltwater aquarium your own. I happen to be a DIY’er and I find it much more rewarding to build something I need rather than buy it. This website has a aquarium DIY project section with many money saving project and step by step videos.

Tip# 3: Trade with other hobbyist. Trading with other hobbyist is a great way to get things you need. I have used this money saving tip for year with great success, most often with corals. I recently have put this tip to test and I have found great success for myself and other hobbyist. I started a Facebook group for swapping, selling, buying all things fish coral and aquarium. To my amazement it has been very successful. Everyday I have new local folks asking to join the group and new deals posted at amazing prices, it’s a win,win.

Tip#4: Join a Reef Club. Joining a local Reef Club is a great way to network with other hobbyist and would probably help you achieve all of these money saving tips in one. With monthly meeting, swaps, trading and group buys we’ll be on the fast track for saltwater aquarium budget success.

Tip #5: Do your research before your buy it. The most important thing you can do for all of your purchases is to consider them carefully. When it comes to equipment buy durable items that will last a long time. Check online reviews of that product, if anyone has something bad to say about you will find it online.



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