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Jeff Hesketh here, the founder of Mad Hatter’s Reef. Mad Hatter’s Reef has been a means to share my love of saltwater aquariums and to educate others interested the hobby. I’ve also been kicking around the idea of starting a saltwater aquarium podcast based around interviewing leaders in the hobby. My first podcast will drop on 8-17 and will be available at After a I have a few podcasts available I will be planing to submit our podcast to iTunes.

One of the things I am most excited about is that we will be producing a new episode every week. So for you, this means a new episode of Saltwater Aquarium Radio will be waiting to accompany you on your commute to work, your jog, or during any activity added dose of salty inspiration. We will also be following a clear and concise format on every show, so you will know exactly what to expect, from every podcast.

In all, Saltwater Aquarium Radio will be committed to delivering the most reliable, accurate saltwater aquarium keeping information possible, for people looking to get started with their own saltwater aquarium or help an old salty dog pick up a new trick. We hope that you’ll find all the information that you need and share your success with others.

The SAR Team looks forward to sharing this venture with you and the Salty Nation.

But don’t worry, Saltwater Aquarium Radio will not take the place of I will continue to add more content and videos on subjects I feel will help you right here.

So if your are interested in the podcast please visit and sign up for the SAR newsletter to have new podcasts sent right to your email.

Happy Reefing



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