Top 7 Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channels

What’s up Salt-Nation? Jeff Hesketh here with another salty article for your wet thumbs. Today, We’re talking about the Top 7 Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channels. About 7 years ago I started sharing my love of saltwater aquariums on my YouTube channel and it would be safe to say it has changed my life. I’m not YouTube rich or anything, but this website you’re reading now wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for YouTube.

Top 10 Saltwater Aquarium YouTubers Video

I recently put together a video of the top 10 saltwater aquarium YouTubers and I thought I would share it with you. I know it’s not the top 7, heck… it doesn’t even have the same channels listed below, but the hope is to support creators like myself.

Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channels

YouTube is more than just a video sharing website. It’s one of the biggest search engines in the World. There’s no substitute for video and for visual people like myself, It’s a great learning tool.

This list is not composed of the biggest most successful YouTubers’ in the hobby, but they are some of the most helpful people sharing their love for the hobby. So I hope you enjoy this list of The Top 7 Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channels. If you think I’m missing someone leave a comment below.

Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channel #7

LAfishguy: Over 270 aquarium reality videos of LA Fishguys encompassing four years worth of Jim Stime’s Aquarium Design aquarium installations, aquarium services, aquarium vendors and some purchases, tradeshows. This Channel is not based solely on saltwater aquarium but does give a look into the life of the aquarium service trade.

Link to LAfishguy’s Channel

Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channel #6

O2manyfish: Doesn’t have a lot of videos yet, but got on my radar quickly. Dave has a huge 1100 gallon system. This system also includes an outdoor frag tank and sump. The display aquarium is behind words with you guessed it, Too many fish. He also has a website where he shares a live webcam of his aquarium. I’ve been working with Dave to get him on my podcast and when I do, I’ll be sure to share the link. If you haven’t see his channel be sure to take a look.

Link to O2manyfish’ Channel

Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channel #5

Marine Depot: Marine Depot sells the best aquarium gear, nutrition and supplements the world has to offer. On their YouTube channel you’ll find a bunch of cool reef tank videos on topics ranging from LED aquarium lighting and auto-top off systems to helpful how-to’s and interviews with industry heavyweights.

Link to Marine Depot’s Channel

Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channel #4

Arron’s Aquarium: The goal for Arron’s Aquarium is to make your aquarium experience fun and rewarding. At Aarons Aquarium he makes the saltwater aquarium hobby as simple to understand. Arron has been share his monster build which he has lovingly named the Wife. His humble approach to teaching others is what lands him in the number four spot on our list.

Link to Arron’s Aquarium Channel

Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channel #3

Tidal Gardens: With over 170 videos this channel is about all things saltwater with an emphasis on reef aquariums and propagating coral. Thein has some of the best videography on YouTube and runs a small business from his coral greenhouse in icy cold Copley, OH. Tidal Gardens is a coral reef aquaculture business. Through propagation, They supply high quality aquacultured hard corals, soft corals, mushrooms, polyps, zoanthids, and gorgonians to hobbyist.

Link to Tidal Garden’s Channel

Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channel #2

Bulk Reef Supply: BRStv brings you relevant and easy to understand information about the saltwater aquarium and reefing hobby. At, they want to make reefing fun and easy. DIY projects such as setting up a reverse osmosis system, hanging an LED light or installing a sump. Starting, maintaining and keeping a saltwater tank, choosing the right protein skimmer or selecting the best aquarium lighting for your tank set up. Expand your knowledge of popular reefing products.

Link to Bulk Reef Supply’s Channel

Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channel #1

Melev’s Reef: With a 104 vides to date, Mark’s hope is that the information he shares will help answer those pesky questions and help you be successful in this hobby. Some videos may be longer to adequately cover the topic, while others are brief moments with eye candy. Mark has become a lot more active with his YouTube Channel of the last year which offers hobbyist like us a great resource for saltwater aquarium information.

Link to Melev’s Reef Channel

So there you have it, The Top 7 Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channels. Of course, I would be honored if you would take a look at my YouTube Channel and subscribe if you like, after all …It’s Free. Until next time, stay salty.

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