3 Things to Know When Starting a Saltwater Aquarium

Starting a Saltwater Aquarium

Whats going on Salt-Nation? Jeff Hesketh here, with another saltwater aquarium article for you. So often I get asked the question “what do I need to know when starting a saltwater aquarium”. The answer to this question is simply but is also often over complicated by people who have failed in the hobby and by others you have found success.

Before we get to far ahead of ourselves, I would like to offer you two tools that will help you become a more informed when starting a saltwater aquarium.

  • First is my new book, It’s available on Amazon Kindle and it will give you step by step instructions to setting up and maintaining a saltwater aquarium. You can find my book here.
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Starting a Saltwater Aquarium

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Keep it Simple when starting a saltwater aquarium

If you want to be successful when starting a saltwater aquarium, it takes some patience, planning, perseverance, and a desire to learn about how to take care of marine fish, corals and invertebrates. When I started out in the hobby, It took me a long time to figure out the best way to care for a saltwater aquarium and that’s why I started this website.

There is a lot of information available to you and sorting through it all was sometimes a challenge but keep in mind that not all the advice out there is accurate. The best advice I have ever gotten when It has come to starting a saltwater aquarium is to keep it simple. To often folks get lost in the weeds about stuff that doesn’t matter. Keep it Simple.

here is a simple 8 step guide to setting up a saltwater aquarium.

Starting a Saltwater Aquarium and Gather Information

One of the best things you can do is find a local fish store (not a big company fish store) see how their tanks look and start asking questions about their display aquariums.

A few things to look for when looking for a place to shop:

  • How educated are the employes are on setting up and maintaining saltwater aquariums?
  • Ask if the employe if they have a saltwater aquarium at home. If so, How long has the aquarium been running? What there favorite fish or coral?
  • How clean are the aquariums, do they look and like something you would want to keep in your home?
  • Are any of the fish or coral dead and/or sick in the aquariums?
  • How did you get treated while you were there? Did they take the time to answer your questions? or made you feel welcomed?

Another great place to gather information on saltwater aquariums is at local hobbyist clubs in your area. Nine times out of ten they will be the most helpful people if not run for the hills.

Have a Plan When Starting a Saltwater Aquarium

Before you get started you need to have a plan. Your saltwater aquarium setup should be based on what you want to keep for livestock. It’s important to choose your livestock first because their requirements will dictate the type of system and environment, you will need. This will also point you in the direction of what size aquarium you will need as well as equipment.

Too often I have seen an individual walk into a fish store, point at the display aquarium and said “Thats what I want,  …now!” Then they leave the shop with an aquarium under one arm and bag of fish in the other. Obviously, any real fish store (looking to stay in business for the long run) would advise against this sort of behavior, but that does’t stop it for happening.

Gather Information first then make a plan…

Starting a Saltwater Aquarium Conclusion

Success in this hobby is all about creating a stable environment for the animals in your aquarium. In order to do that, you need some knowledge about the basics, some time, equipment, patience and persistence. You have to understand what the needs are for the animals in your saltwater aquarium and meet those needs you will be a successful saltwater aquarium hobbyist.

Feel free to take a look around Mad Hatter’s Reef, we have a lot of information for you here.

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