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Aquarium apps

Here Are the Best Aquarium Apps for 2018.

Hey Salty Nation, We love to share information that helps fellow hobbyist be more successful in their aquarium keeping ventures. Which Aquarium app you use will help you stay on top of your aquarium. New aquarium apps are flooding the markets and it’s becoming harder to find the right app for the job or one that is useful at all.

Today we have included the most powerful aquarium apps and the resources to find them. For more information on keeping your saltwater aquarium in tip top shape visit our aquarium maintenance section.

Top 10 Aquarium Apps Video.

I recently put a video together for the top 10 apps for aquariums and I’ve added it below. This is my most updated list for apps that will improve your aquarium game.

I’ll be updating this list below when I get a chance but these apps still do serve a purpose of helping hobbyist. Also, I will be reviewing each App listed in the video to offer you more details on which aquarium app is best for you.

Top 5 Aquarium App for 2017

Aquarium app #5 AquaticLog by Letro. Aquarium appThis aquarium app is from the makers of a popular aquarist online service AquaticLog comes a stylish and elegant app for your iPhone! If you are an existing user of AquaticLog, you will be able to access all of your online aquariums and their measurements. All of your measurements and other data is backed up in the cloud, accessible via a website and can always be exported / downloaded for offsite storage by you. Features the ability to log your water parameters with an utmost ease and they will be seamlessly synchronized with your website profile. You can also record dosing additives and supplements

The developers are dedicated to aquarium hobbyist (reef and freshwater) and other app developers. They strive to make the highest quality products – if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact Them. They also have regular app updates at no charge.


Cost: Free


Aquarium app #4 The Fish Room by The Fish Room. This Aquarium App has a lot to offer for being free. Have all the information about your reef tank at your fingertips with The Fish Room App. Best aquarium appsSet and log custom chemistry goals for PH, dKH, Calcium, Nitrates, Nitrites and more. Don’t forget the next time you need to do a water or bulb change by setting up custom maintenance reminders. While shopping in one of our retail stores, lookup fish, coral and inverts in the library of over 300 species. Get the best customer service by sharing your tank logs with one of our expert sales associates.

This app offers sold way to keep track of all your fish and it even tells you when to change your lights and water change. It also it has a wide variety of fish to add to your tank. And it keeps up with new arrivals that go to the store.


Cost: Free


Aquarium app #3 aquaPlanner by Jose Weeks. Maintenance and scheduling becomes easy with notifications, water test logging, calculators, inhabitant and equipment log. Ditch the notepad and let your iDevice be your aquarium manager. aquaPlanner Pro has unlimited aquariums, notifications, notes, water analysis logging, graphing, inhabitants, and Aquarium Maintenance Appequipment. aquaPlanner will allow you to adjust the parameters and time intervals for your aquarium and will let you know when its time to change the water, filter, carbon, chemi-pure, purigen, change your fluorescent bulbs, CFL’s, T5’s, HQI’s, top off the water, check your chemistry, trim your chaeto, clean your skimmer, add calcium, add trace elements, add medication, and add other supplements.

It’s perfect for the advanced and the beginner alike. It’s complicated to keep track of so many tasks, aquaPlanner will do the hard work for you and let you know when its time to pamper your tank.


Cost: $2.99


Aquarium app #2 Reef Tank Pro by Eric Cosner. This aquarium app is an intuitive way to track your aquarium on an iOS device. A unique concept allows you to select a tank and work exclusively with a specific task. Other aquarium management apps require you to run multiple tests at the same time where Reef Tank Pro gives you the ability to quickly access a specific tank and perform a specific test.

Reef Tank Pro includes the following built-in tests: Ammonia, Calcium, Carbonate Hardness, Magnesium, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate, Specific Gravity (Salinity), Temperature, Total Dissolved Solids and pH

Saltwater aquarium app
Reef Tank Pro allows you to associate a photo with your tank. The app provides the ability to take pictures of your test kits and test results for a more personalized view of your tank(s). Take actual photos of your test results and visually compare them.

The Log provides a chronological view of the data you have entered in a scrollable list. Each tank that you add can be viewed independently. In addition to tracking a reef tank, you can track the water parameters of tap water, RODI top off water, saltwater changes, refugiums and freshwater tanks.

Stats provides graphing for log entries. Graphs are plotted individually or by comparison. Graphs support one or more tanks and one or more entry types. The graphs support pinch to zoom.


Cost: $4.99


Aquarium app #1 Aquaimate by WiseLogic Inc. The most expensive aquarium app on our list but it also is the aquarium app with the highest reviews. A must have app to maintain your awesome thriving aquariums! Designed to manage both Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums! Includes a very comprehensive livestock library of both Freshwater and Saltwater fish, coral, invertebrate and plant species. When it comes to maintaining our aquariums, we all want to stay organized and perform the routine husbandry tasks properly. After all, this is the key to success in maintaining any aquariums.

Best aquarium app
• Manage multiple aquariums separately,
• Record your parameter test results,
• Customize parameters for each tank by adding or removing parameters to your need,
• Easily convert measurements in different units and calculate the required dosing with the advanced unit converters and dosing calculators,
• Use the count-down timer to perform timed tests easier,
• Analyze your tank parameters along with your activities with beautiful, fullscreen and touch responsive graphs,
• Plot results of multiple parameters along with your husbandry activities all in one chart,
• Create your husbandry tasks and set reminders for them with an advanced scheduling system,
• Track your activities integrated with tasks and reminders,
• Keep all your notes organized in the searchable Notes section,
• Find information about your Freshwater & Saltwater livestock in Aquaribase,
• Import and save your livestock information from Aquaribase for each tank,
• Add your favorite livestock to the built-in wish list directly from Aquaribase,
• Visually keep track of tank inhabitants with Timelines,
• Analyze the progress of your livestock, along with your logged activities and test results, with Timelines,
• Store your tank equipment,
• Keep track of your expenses,
• Create photo galleries and organize all your photos in different albums,
• Backup & restore your app data wirelessly on Aquarimate Cloud.


Cost: $9.99

So I hope you found this article about aquarium apps useful. If you find any good aquarium apps and want to share them with the Salty Nation drop me a line. Until next time…

Stay salty.

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