Top 5 Soft Corals for Beginners


Most people interested in saltwater aquariums get into the hobby for the fish. It doesn’t take long before corals start getting their attention. Soft corals for beginners are great starting point for beginners in the saltwater aquarium hobbyist.

Most of these soft corals for beginners offer the right amount of forgives needed to be successful at keeping corals as well as help introduce new hobbyist to the next level of reef aquarium keeping.

Soft Corals for Beginners

Below you will find the top five soft corals for beginners you my want to consider for your saltwater aquarium.

Soft Corals for Beginners #5

Dicosoma coral: These corals may take on many different colors, textures, and patterns often referred to as morphs. Mushrooms coral will grow and reproduce (by fission) in the aquarium when provided with the proper conditions and care. It’s recommended to place mushrooms along the bottom half of the aquarium because of their requirements for reef tank lighting. When placing these corals in the aquarium, it’s best to leave several inches between mushrooms and other corals to avoid competition for space.

Soft Corals for Beginners #4

Green Star Polyps: Green Star Polyps are often acclaimed to be good indicators of water quality and water flow. They react quite quickly to changes in water parameters by not opening. It is very important to make sure your water parameter are balanced to encourage growth and color, of this great beginner coral. A word of cation: green star polyps can be very invasive, once established. This can cause issues of space because of their rapid growth with neighboring corals.

Soft Corals for Beginners #3

Sarcophyon Coral: Newly fragged specimens appears shaped like a toadstool (given it’s common name toadstool leather).  As the sarcophyon corals grow larger it will look more similar to a carpet anemone and can take up a large amount of space. When fully open the tops of these leather corals are covered with numerous polyps, some displaying beautiful colors. Much the same as most leather corals they go through durations when their polyps do not expand. During this time the coral may shrink and shed it’s outer layer of skin. This is a part of the coral’s natural process and it doesn’t  call for concern.

Soft Corals for Beginners #2

Ricordea:  Often confused with the yuma mushroom (which are not as hardy as ricordeas) these corals come in a verity of colors from Green, Blue, Orange and sometimes a mix of two colors like blue and green or orange and blue. Ricordea Mushrooms offer great color and will reproduce by splitting in a reef tank when provided with the proper conditions and care. Ricordeas are also a great coral for beginners to start coral propagation efforts with.

Soft Corals for Beginners #1

Zonathids: Zonathids top the soft corals for beginners list and are a favorite coral for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike. I doesn’t matter how long you been in the hobby you probably have some zoanthids in your aquarium. Due to the sheer of verity in colors, shapes and sizes of this coral give endless options for the everyday hobbyist.

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