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What’s going on Reefketeers? Jeff Hesketh, here. The saltwater aquarium hobby can be expensive at times, but every once in a while companies come along offer some great contests that can help wallet. The guys over at My Aquarium Box have a bunch of contests going on and I strongly recommend you enter them all. Below, you will find a video posted by Greg Jones on how to throw your name in the hat.

My Aquarium Box is a monthly subscription service where you get a box filled with aquarium gear, decoration, food, and medications or supplements. I’ve been a subscriber and I absolutely love their service. It’s like Christmas but it happens every month. I did a review of My Aquarium Box not that long ago so if you haven’t done so, check it out.


The guys over at My Aquarium Box are great and offer a great service. If you’re interested in MAB follow the link.

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