World Wide Corals Unboxing and Review

What’s going on guys!? I hope your tank is doing well and your parameters are in check. Speaking of parameter when was the last time you tested them? I recently jumped on eBay in hopes to pick up some corals. If you remember, a few months back I had a run in with rapid tissue necrosis and lost more SPS corals then I care to share.

About a month ago I noticed some of the corals that were on the brink of dying have started to look much better. So, I made the trip to the local fish store (LFS) to pick up some corals to see how they would do in my tank. As of last weekend the new corals were doing great. That give me the green light to add more to my reef tank.

My best bet to get inexpensive but decent corals was through eBay and shopping with World Wide Corals. Often, their auctions come to an end on Monday nights, so I grabbed a cold one and took a sit at my desk and went to battle.

World Wide Corals Unboxing Video

In the video above I share my World Wide Corals unboxing to give you an idea of what to except when you order from them. I ended up buying a total of 12 corals most of which were SPS corals and spending around $185 for the corals and $39.99 for the shipping. Which gives me a grade total of $225. When you put everything together I ended up paying $18.75 per coral, Very nice…

World Wide Corals Review

Photo by: WWC

When I think about the top 10 places to buy corals online, World Wide Corals is most definitely in the top 3 of that list maybe even higher. This past spring I got a chance to visit their store in Orlando, FL. and it was one of the best LFS experiences I’ve ever had. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, the aquariums were clean, the corals and fish looked very healthy, What more could you ask for!?

I’ve bought a lot of coral over the years and I can tell you that WWC has some of the most beautiful and well cared for corals in the hobby. Which is how it should be for any LFS or online coral dealer but sadly is not the case. This is what makes World Wide Corals stand head and shoulders above the rest.

If you are looking to pick up some corals for your own reef tank I strongly recommend you take a look at WWC Coral.

Don’t forget to check those reef tank parameters 🙂


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